Intensive Care Unit

Patients recover from heart surgery or a heart attack in our new 18-bed Intensive Care Unit. Here, staff provides constant electronic monitoring, and the nurses are specially trained in the care of cardiac patients, and many are nationally certified as critical-care registered nurses.

Salina Regional Health Center's new ICU offers better functionality, more space and more privacy. The new patient rooms are nearly twice as large as the previous ones, have a private bathroom and are much brighter with each room having its own window.

Our nurse to patient ratio on the Intensive Care Unit is one nurse to two patients. There is a nursing station between each pair of patients rooms, with windows angled into the hallway so a nurse can see both rooms from the nursing station.

In addition, the new unit is equipped with monitors on numerous walls so nurses can see patients' stats such as heart rhythm, blood pressure, etc. wherever they are.

The new ICU also includes a separate room filled with monitor screens where technicians can track the conditions of patients not only in the ICU, but patient throughout the entire hospital. It also offers a private work area for doctors and a large open area where doctors, nurses and other staff can meet to discuss a patient's care.

Patient's families may notice something else different on the unit. Entry doors to the ICU are now locked. A patient's family calls into the unit to announce themselves and the nurse unlocks the outer doors for them by the use of a cell phone.

In addition to cardiac care, Salina Regional Health Center's Intensive Care Unit also provides care to continuous dialysis patients, ventilator patients and those with balloon pumps.

Wireless Technology Advances Care