Behavioral Health Unit

Many times we can solve our own problems. Other times, they weigh so heavily on our minds that we are bothered by them at work or in our personal lives. When we experience problems that "don't go away" or seem hopeless and unsolvable, talking it out with a professional can often give us the direction we need.

At Salina Regional Health Center we offer a full range of mental health care services including outpatient treatment at Veridian Behavioral Health, intensive day treatment through the New Options Treatment Program, and inpatient care through the psychiatric service unit.

The New Options Partial Treatment Program for Soldiers in Junction City is dedicated to the healing and development of resiliency skills to return our service men and women to an optimal level of functioning.

Mental or emotional illnesses are no different from other physical problems — they just affect our minds and brains. So it's okay to seek treatment. No matter what you're experiencing — from everyday life issues like depression, anxiety, parent/child issues or marital disharmony, to more severe issues like post-traumatic stress, substance abuse or thoughts of suicide we can help.