Emergency Department

In 2009 Salina Regional Health Center opened its doors to a new ER. The ER is spacious, modern and fully equipped to handle whatever comes its way.

Highlights of our facility include:

  • Approximately twice the square footage of the original department
  • Four trauma/cardiac event suites, with 25 total patient rooms, 5 of which are Fast Track rooms.
  • Dedicated SANE/SART exam room
  • Dedicated radiology area with CT scanner
  • Larger waiting area
  • Televisions in patient exam rooms

Salina Regional Health Center's Emergency Department is staffed with physicians, registered nurses and support staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Salina Regional, we have more than 37,000 visits to our emergency department every year. We are dedicated to providing world class service so that patients can feel confident about the medical care they are receiving and at the same time, a place where patients feel comfortable and at ease.

We understand when you come to the emergency department you may be anxious about your health or the health of a loved one. We have listed the most common questions about the emergency department. We hope this information is helpful.

Handling Medical Emergencies