Cardiac Rehabilitation

The recovery immediately following heart surgery or a heart attack is just part of the story. To fully recover, patients also undergo a period of intensive cardiac rehabilitation. Here, a team of nurses, therapists and dietitians take a team approach to helping patients learn new, healthier habits.

A big part of a cardiac rehab program is exercise. Regular exercise will make your heart and coronary arteries healthier. It helps increase strength, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and control your weight.

At Salina Regional Health Center, cardiac rehabilitation patients enjoy a brand new cardiac rehab area designed specifically for their needs with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and staffed with cardiac rehab nurses to assist with an exercise program that is designed specifically for each individual. Patients are monitored with a telemetry unit so that any abnormality in heart rhythm can be detected during exercise. The Cardiac Rehab unit is a safe, learning environment for those who may be concerned about how much or how hard they should be exercising.

Attention is also given to teaching patients about a heart-healthy lifestyle. Patients receive much encouragement from the staff and other patients to return to their previous level of functioning. We also offer an exercise program for spouses to increase the patient's compliance with the program. Typically patients come for six to twelve weeks, although some graduate from the program sooner.

After completing the program, many continue with our Phase III program either at the cardiac rehab center or at the YMCA. We utilize a team approach, including dietitians, pharmacists, therapists, and psychologists. Together they address healthy eating habits, medication management, stress control and special exercise needs.

To learn more about Salina Regional's cardiac rehabilitation unit, call (785) 452-7588.

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