Salina Regional Health Center

Summer 2019 Student Volunteer Information

A limited number of students are selected each spring to serve in one of up to 25 different areas of the hospital. Most duties are NOT clinical in nature, but still give the student a good introduction to the world of health care.

In the simplest terms, the steps to become an SRHC Student Volunteer are:

  • Apply
  • Interview
  • Attend Orientation if selected to serve
  • Serve

Basic Requirements

  • High school or college student at time of application (March/April) with a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • A minimum of 35 hours of service to give during the summer
  • Willingness to serve in the unit to which we assign you. We can’t promise any particular assignment as we have a limited number of service spots to offer.
  • Attendance at an Orientation Session (see below) to cover the basics of serving at SRHC
  • Return of all required forms

Application and Interview

  • Complete and submit the application form found here.
  • Secure two written references using the form found here and following guidelines given here.
  • Schedule your interview for April 10 or 17. Upon receiving your online application, we will contact you to set up your interview. Be sure to check your email!
  • Attend interview as scheduled. Prepare by using guidelines found here.

Orientation and Service

If you are a successful applicant, we will email you:
  • An immunization form to complete
  • Parental/guardian forms to be co-signed (HIPAA, Release Form)
  • Orientation Agenda
You must then attend orientation on Tuesday, May 28 9:30am-Noon OR Monday, June 3, 1pm-3:30 at which you will:
  • Receive basic educational information about the hospital and its functions
  • Return your immunization forms and co-signed parental forms
  • Pay for your student volunteer shirt ($15)
  • Receive TB Skin test (no cost) to be read by SRHC Employee Health nurse within 48-72 hours
  • Learn your summer assignment and your sponsor contact information
Upon completion of all of the above, you will begin unit/department scheduling and training.


For additional questions not covered in FAQ, please email Marsha Haskett at