Paid Nursing Residency Program

Salina Regional is now offering one-year training programs to help graduate nurses transition from a student to a knowledgeable and skilled acute care nurse. Nursing residents will get hands-on experience and opportunities to collaborate with other medical students and resident physicians also training at SRHC. Follow this link to learn more and apply today!

Morning Medical | Sleep Study for Sleep Disorders

Sleep helps our bodies recharge mentally and physically. If you are having trouble staying awake or concentrating during the day, it’s possible you aren’t getting the rest you need at night. Sleep specialist Jenni Dunn shares how sleep studies help target issues and determine treatment options.

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My Health Portal including mobile site available

My Health Portal is an online service of Salina Regional Health Center and its affiliates. The portal is one of the latest technology enhancements implemented that empowers patients to take an active role in managing their health online or using a mobile device.
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