Student Volunteer Assignment Possibilities

We will assign each student to an area. We cannot guarantee placement in any particular unit. All areas require: positive attitude, dependability, guest service and organization skills, good work ethic, and self-motivation. Computer skills are required in many service areas and some areas have physical requirements.

Not every unit is available every year. Other units may also be added.

Service Area (#)

Brief Duty Description

Days/Times Help Needed

Support Services:

Central Service

(Cleans, prepares and routes medical equipment)

Student will unload supplies, restock, fold linens, unload carts from washer, navigate surgical case carts to proper locations &

help with other tasks. Needs a hard-working student willing to learn and work in a fast paced environment.

Weekday mornings

Food Service

(Prepares and supplies food for patients, staff & guests)

Duties include patient tray delivery, meal assembly, wrapping flatware, baking, cafeteria serving, & filling requisitions. Need

students with customer service skills, outgoing, friendly, willing to learn and energetic. Can lead to paid position.

Weekday mornings, afternoons, or evenings

Gift Shop

(Maintains wide inventory for patient, staff & guest needs)

Student greets and assists customers, keeps shop orderly, rings up shop & telephone sales, deals with money.

Ability to work independently, friendliness, and courteous attitude are needed.

Variable includes evenings and weekends

Human Resources (Manages all aspects of staff employment)

Students have filing, scanning, computer work, meeting preparation, badge printing, organization projects, answering phones, and general clerical office duties. Customer service,

phone, computer, and clerical skills are needed – students cannot be children of SRHC employees, current or former.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

Information Services

(Manages technology funct- ions in hospital & in all


Student duties vary from helping with data input, helping PC Techs with mice/keyboards, inventory—the wide variety of IT

functions. Student needs good communication and listening skills, willingness to be flexible, and technology skills.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

MDC Storeroom

(Receives and distributes supplies)

Students deliver stock orders throughout the hospital and restock the storeroom on days freight is received. Must learn stock system, have math & reading skills, be able to lift up to 40


Weekday mornings or afternoons

Medical Staff Services (Coordinates medical staff services, works with doctors)

Student will transfer scan hard copies to electronic format, organize and archive provider files, audit files for completeness, and perform various duties as they arise.

Weekday mornings or afternoons


Office of SRHC Neurologist Dr. Trent Davis at Santa Fe

Medical Plaza - 501 S.S.Fe

Student will scan old charts, assist staff with paperwork, fax, make copies – supply general clerical help.

Student needs to have computer knowledge.

Weekday mornings or afternoons


Offices of SRHC Neurosurg- eons S.Boswell, Mangloglu,

and Whitlow at SF Medical Plaza - 501 S. Santa Fe

Student will scan old charts, assist staff with paperwork, fax, make copies – supply general clerical help.

Student needs to have computer knowledge, total respect for patient privacy, and be detail-oriented.

Weekday mornings or afternoons


(Prepares meds for patient care/treatment areas)

Student labels stock medications, updates manuals, enters computer data, restocks & checks for outdated medications, make copies, and performs other clerical duties. Following

directions and being reliable and efficient are essential.

Tuesday or Thursday mornings

Safety Management

(Keeps staff updated on workplace safety)

Student will do filing, data input, and internet searches. Needed are basic computer/clerical skills and ability to follow directions

and work with little supervision.

Weekday mornings

Volunteer Services

(Greets guests and assists patients, families & staff as requested)

Students will greet, escort, and transport patients and guests— and make deliveries--throughout the hospital. This position requires great guest service skills, ability to relate to all ages,

dependability; ability to push 400 lbs and walk long distances.

Weekday mornings or afternoons with most help needed on M, W, F

Revenue Cycle Management (Deals with financial processes)

Student will do web based research physician listings on insurance payer sites. Must be able to use Excel.

Weekdays mornings or afternoons

Outpatient Services:

Ambulatory Services and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (Prepares patients for surgery and manages their

recovery after surgery)

Student duties include clerical work, cleaning carts and stations, making beds, observing patient care, visiting with patients, and assisting as requested. Must be mature and able to multi-task.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

Infant Child Development

(Provides developmental

therapies for children birth to 3 years old)

Student will assist with cleaning equipment after therapy visits and rooms after sessions and playgroup. Help with play groups, filing, assist with art preparation.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

Infusion Therapy & Pre Admission Services (Transfuses fluids and pre-

pares pre-hospital packets)

Student will split time between the two areas.

Student cleans, assembles charts, visits with patients, and works with staff; runs errands to other parts of the hospital.

Skills working with patients, families & staff are essential.

Weekday mornings

Salina Pediatric Care

(Cares for patients birth to 18 years)

Student volunteers will be working with designated nurses and medical staff with checking in, checking on, and caring for


Weekday mornings or afternoons

Special Procedures (Performs endoscopic procedures such as


Student helps with prepping beds and rooms, makes charts, gets beverages and snacks for patients, transports patients, and assists staff as needed.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

Stat Care on Ohio (1-2) (Addresses sudden illnesses

and injuries that do not require the ED)

Student with help to transition clinic to paperless system by scanning documents, filing, etc.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

Wound Care Clinic

(Cares for outpatients with chronic wounds)

Student helps with room and other cleaning; pulls charts, files paperwork in charts; helps with room and clean utility restocking; transports patients within clinic and to entrances for

pickup. Comfort in talking to patients, staff, and doctors is needed.

Weekday mornings or afternoons.

Inpatient Services:

Emergency Department (Provides emergency patient diagnosis and care)

Students have greeting, clerical duties & assigned tasks (restocking, changing bedding), run errands needed, help with family needs, and assist Triage nurse as requested.

Must be very mature self-starters who can work comfortably with patients, families, and medical/nursing staff.

Variable Hours and Days; mainly evenings and weekends

Intensive Care Unit

(Cares for patients requiring intensive or critical care)

Students stock cabinets, assist with office duties, take trays to & sit with patients, and assist in family rooms if needed.

Students must perform tasks independently and be self- motivated. Individual and group interaction skills are a must.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

3 Southeast Unit

(Cares primarily for medical patients – includes post-ICU

heart and other patients)

Students stock linen and nurse servers, file paperwork, transport patients, and does other tasks to improve efficiency on the unit. Students must be hardworking, honest, team


Weekday mornings or afternoons

4 Medical Unit

(Cares for medical patients - includes oncology patients)

Student stocks nurse servers, visits with or reads to some patients, answers call lights, and runs errands for equipment.

Weekday mornings, afternoons, or evenings

Acute Rehab Unit

(Provides therapies for patients following surgery or medical event)

Students will assist therapists with activities, will help with mealtime tasks, perform minor clean up, and assist staff as needed. Good communications skills, willingness to help others,

positive attitude, kindness & caring are needed.

Weekday mornings or afternoons

5 Surgical (Cares for patients recovering from


Students will stock nurse servers, clean, transport patients, work with staff to respond to patient needs

Weekday mornings or afternoons