Frequently Asked Questions

Who may stay at the Rebecca A. Morrison House?

The Morrison House provides lodging for the primary caregiver who must travel from outside Salina to be near a loved one who is a patient at the Salina Regional Health Center, Salina Surgical Center and patients receiving radiation treatment at the Tammy Walker Cancer Center. Guests are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis without regard to race, color, cultural heritage, religion, marital status, financial status or gender. The home's 14 private sleeping rooms will accommodate more than 30 guests. Only one guest room will be assigned for the caregivers of each patient. The Morrison House is accessible to people with disabilities.

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Is there a charge?

The house is funded through contributions to the Salina Regional Health Foundation. There is no daily charge, however, donations are needed and gratefully accepted to maintain continued operation of the home. A $10 key deposit is required at the time of registration.

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Whom do I contact to stay at the Morrison House?

Guests staying at the Morrison House must be referred through the Health Center's Emergency Department or regular registration. Guests may check into the house between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., seven days a week.

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Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not accepted for staying in the Morrison House. Rooms are allocated on a space-available basis. After arrival in Salina and referral through the Health Center's registration, your name will be placed on a waiting list if the house is full.

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What about parking and security to and from the Health Center?

Located adjacent to the Santa Fe Campus, the Morrison House is a short walk to the main south entrance of the facility. A security officer may be requested by dialing "0". Parking is available on the Morrison House grounds.

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Is telephone, e-mail and mail service available?

The Morrison House office phone number is (785) 452-7500. There is a phone in each guest room which may be used for local calls and long-distance credit card calls. The Morrison House also has two computers available where guests may check their e-mail and search the Internet. Mail may be addressed in care of the Rebecca A. Morrison House, 513 S. 8th, Salina, KS 67401.

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What about meals, laundry and bed linen?

The Morrison House has two fully-equipped kitchens for your use. You may bring your own groceries to prepare meals and snacks. Cereal, bread, milk, juice and snacks are provided for guests. As donated food items are received, they will be made available for Morrison House residents.

Laundry facilities are available for use at no cost. Laundry detergent and fabric softener are also provided. Bed linens and towels are furnished. We ask that guests help maintain the Morrison House by being responsible for keeping their rooms and the kitchen, bath and living areas clean and orderly.

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How do I check out of the Morrison House?

Please notify the Morrison House staff as soon as you know when your loved one will be dismissed, so that a staff member may assist you with check-out.

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What else does the Morrison House offer?

The Morrison House is more than a place to stay. Guests can be part of a "family" with others who are away from home and facing medical crisis. No one needs to feel alone. Guests can share their experiences, offering support and companionship. A staff member is available 24 hours a day. The night manager's apartment is located in the Morrison House.

Please remember that the members of the Morrison House staff care and want to make your stay at Salina Regional Health Center as comfortable as possible.

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Who is Rebecca A. Morrison?

Rebecca A. "Becky" Morrison, has devoted a lifetime of service toward helping others in our community. Mrs. Morrison is a charter member of both the Salina Regional Health Center and the Salina Regional Health Foundation Boards of Trustees. This was a natural extension of her 32 years of service on the Asbury-Salina Regional Medical Center Board. In 1998, Mrs. Morrison was named the first-ever trustee emeritus at Salina Regional Health Center. Mrs. Morrison has also been very active with her volunteer work through Meals on Wheels, First Presbyterian Church, and numerous other charitable concerns. The Salina Regional Health Foundation is pleased to recognize Mrs. Morrison for her years of dedication to helping others, by making this home-away-from-home in her honor.

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What is a Heartland Hospitality Home?

As a young wife and mother in 1977, Diana Mason Lee experienced the heartache of raising two young children and caring for her husband who was dying of leukemia. She had to locate day care for her children so she could take her husband for treatment 50 miles away. Later her husband was hospitalized and she needed to stay with him. Falling asleep in hospital hallways or lounge areas, she had to ask strangers for help. While experiencing these hardships, Lee promised herself that someday she would do what she could to assist others facing similar circumstances. Her vow led to the birth of the Rebecca A. Morrison House: A Heartland Hospitality Home in 1993. The Morrison House was the second Heartland Hospitality Home established. The first home, The Purdue House, is located in Wichita.

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