Nurse Residency Program

What to Expect

Nursing residents will experience a variety of life-like simulations based on true patient events. Simulations help develop and refine a nurse’s ability to:

  • Manage higher acuity patients
  • Make informed decisions
  • Compassionately talk to families
  • Effectively communicate with physicians
  • Call codes
  • Work with hospital equipment
  • Understand working in a hospital setting

Learning opportunities and certification courses are made available to facilitate lifelong learning and help nurses keep up with the ever-changing and developing field of healthcare. Additional classes also are offered to help with aspects of the job, including:

  • Clinical experience
  • Adjustment to organization culture and characteristics
  • Teamwork
  • How to improve job satisfaction as a nurse
  • Education opportunities for unit specialty
  • Courses to help nursing residents find a career path

Daily and regular support for nursing residents will be provided by a designated clinical coach who will begin working with residents during unit orientation. Residents will follow the same schedule as their clinical mentor throughout residency. Staff from other units at Salina Regional Health Center are able to provide additional mentoring and support during residency. After becoming familiar with an assigned unit at Salina Regional Health Center, nursing residents will have the opportunity to create a patient-centered, evidence-based project designed to improve patient care and processes within the unit. Directions and guidance will be provided as nursing residents begin to develop a plan for an improvement project. Salina Regional Health Center is committed to helping nursing residents find success in the nursing profession and success in our organization!

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