Concussion Signs & Symptoms

If you or a loved one has experienced a bump to the head during an activity or accident, look for any signs and symptoms of a concussion. Seek medical attention immediately if you believe you have a concussion.

Everything athletes, coaches, and parents need to know

Symptoms to watch for:
  • Appears dazed or stunned
  • Is confused about assignment or position
  • Forgets sports plays
  • Is unsure of game, score or opponent
  • Moves clumsily and/or answers slowly
  • Loses consciousness
  • Shows behavior or personality changes
  • Can’t recall events prior to or after hit or fall
  • Headache or pressure in the head
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Balance problems or dizziness
  • Double or blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light and/or noise
  • Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy or groggy
  • Concentration or memory problems
  • Confusion or does not "feel right."
If signs/symptoms become worse, seek medical attention immediately.

If you believe the condition becomes an emergent situation, go to Salina Regional Health Center emergency department or to the nearest emergency department.