Salina Regional Course Offerings

Course Information for 2020

Yellow Belt

SRHC's Lean Academy Lean Yellow Belt course has been designed to teach Salina Regional Production System (SRPS) fundamentals and its application. It is intended for part time improvement team project leaders. Students are trained and tested on their understanding and ability to apply the tools and techniques of select elements of the SRPS methodology. As part of the SRPS methodology, students are taught how to integrate Lean into an overall approach to process improvement and project management.

Training is conducted using face-to-face format that includes examples of successful performance improvement, interactive simulations, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available. On average, students complete the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course in 8 hours (Yellow Belt is a one-day course). Class is from 8 am to 4:30 with a short lunch break (on your own).

Course Catalog


  • Welcome and opening comments (15 minutes) 0800-0815
  • Lean 101 : The Case for Lean Healthcare (60 minutes) 0815-0915
  • Toast Kaizen Video (30 minutes) 0915-0945
  • A3 Thinking (120 minutes) 0945-1145
  • Lunch Break (30 minutes) 1145-1215
  • Alphabet Soup Simulation (45 minutes) 1215-1300
  • Process Mapping (180 minutes) 1300-1600
  • Wrap-up (30 minutes) 1600-1630

Other benefits to SRHC's YBs are the open offer for personal one-on-one coaching and mentoring by a highly experienced and certified Master Black Belt.

Cost: $150 per student

Location: Salina Regional Health Center

SRHC is also proud to offer on-site Lean in Healthcare consulting on a by-the-hour fee format. We can help you, so please contact us.